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Finally Gain the Clarity You Need To Grow Your Business 

The aim is to break through the bottleneck in your business that has been holding you back.

Imagine, no more second-guessing what to do.

So if you're ready to stand out from the crowd, own your brilliance, close more of your ideal clients without being salesy, and even create systems that support you and your business -  Hit the Button Below and APPLY NOW. 

Growth. Development. Accountability.

Do you ever say to yourself, “I wish I knew what to do about this business challenge. It’s holding me back from achieving my goal(s)”?

Don’t worry… you’re not alone. We all feel that way at some point… struggling to figure out the best solution to our problem and a solution that makes sense and which can be implemented quickly.

Join us for a day of business enlightenment, strategies, and breakthroughs that are guaranteed to take your business to the next level, in a small group, intimate setting focused on you and five of your new best friends.

  • ​Unsure how to scale?
  • Trying to outshine the competition?
  • Wondering how you generate more sales?
  • Struggling with figuring out how to differentiate yourself?

Scale Your Business.
Accelerate Your Results.

Over 50 Years of Experience in Brand, Tech, and Sales Focused on YOU and YOUR Business.

There’s power in numbers and this group will help you and your amazing business get you where you want it to go. This Mastermind experience will give you strategic advice and practical, easy-to-implement steps to move your business forward immediately.


How to stand out and attract the people you want to serve. Learn how you are presenting yourself through your brand and elevate your business to make an even bigger impact.


From your website, to your funnels, to your automations, let's look at how you can streamline things so more of your time is spent building a business you love and not on your tech.


The lifeblood of your business is your sales, regardless on how you feel about it. Luckily, with KJB - your sales pro who can help you close more sales in less time and feel great about it.


The goal is to work collaboratively for greater business success. You don't have to go it alone, surround yourself with like-minded go-getters and experience the magic!

An Intimate, Comfy Setting Awaits You.

Our time together won’t be in a cold, sterile conference room. It will be in KLu's home in Lake Elmo because after over a decade of facilitating Masterminds, we have found that your most authentic self emerges when you are relaxed and feeling comfortable.

So bring your slippers!

Spots Are Extremely Limited (Only 6 Seats)

Yes, only six seats. We designed this on purpose to ensure everyone has time to work on their current business challenges and walks away with their own blueprint what they can do immediately to get the results they are looking for.

​We believe in results and know that big things can happen if you get around the right people that can speak into your business.

  • Benefit: Small group for personalized attention
  • Benefit: A new environment, surrounded with go-getters can change everything
  • Benefit: One day, incredible results

The Day's Agenda is pretty simple. We start at 8:30 am, once coffee is poured and introductions are complete - we jump in and begin mastermind-ing until lunch, where we'll break the bread and spend some time just getting to know one another better. After lunch we'll finish off the final 3 and wrap up the day together. The dress is casual, feel free to bring your laptop if you'd like, we'll supply some notebooks, snacks, drinks and lunch. 

why Should I Join This mastermind?

If you've been spending an incredible amount of time in your entreprenuerial silo and are looking to breathe some fresh air into your business, then this day is exactly what you need...even if you're an introvert especially if you're an introvert.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Here's A Few of Our Amazing Mastermind Attendees

Liz Willard

"I traveled from Miami for this Mastermind and was so impressed. This will be some of the most valuable hours you spend on your business this year."

Liz Blom

"The experience is incredible! Entrepreneurship can be lonely and leave you feeling uncertain at times. What I found most helpful was the fact that I am far from alone and we have ​so much to offer one another in regards to ideas and support."

Dre Barthel

"This Mastermind was just what I needed to take a harder look at the foundation of my new business and brand. It was both affirming and humbling... ​and I appreciated every ounce of feedback!"

Melissa Robinson

"This experience helped me SO MUCH!
I was stuck in my business and with the help of the group, we came up with a solution that I had not even considered!! Meeting and learning from some amazing entrepreneurs was icing on the cake!!!" ​

Donna Hawley

"I am so glad that I participated In such an energizing day to learn, network, and participate in helping other entrepreneurs.


Jaime Kastner

I was nervous and anxious, I had never participated in a Mastetmind. The day was so well organized and put together. The casual setting made it easy to immediately feel comfortable with the group. I'm still buzzing with excitement with new ideas and strategies for my business!"

How Do I Get In On This Amazing Mastermind?

It's pretty simple, just click the APPLY NOW button and complete the FREE application. Once you've submitted it, we'll take a look at the submissions and schedule a call with you to ensure it's a good fit for you and your business.

Upcoming Mastermind Dates: June 12th + June 17th

Spots are Limited. 
Apply today!

Your Mastermind Facilitators

Kelly (KLu)

As the branding virtuoso, KLu is the creative force behind our mastermind sessions, guiding participants towards unlocking their brand's full potential and achieving unparalleled success. With her keen eye for design and profound understanding of brand identity, positioning and messaging, KLu ensures that every participant leaves the mastermind equipped with the tools and insights needed to make a lasting impact in their industry.

Lisa (Zoofie)

As the technology, systems and website expert, Zoofie is the mastermind's backbone, providing invaluable guidance on leveraging cutting-edge technology and streamlining operations for optimal efficiency. With her expertise in harnessing the power of technology to drive business growth, Zoofie empowers participants to revolutionize their processes and elevate their performance to new heights.

Kelly (KJB)

As the sales whiz, KJB is the driving force behind our mastermind's sales strategies, empowering participants to unlock their full potential and achieve unprecedented success in their sales endeavors. With her proven track record of delivering results and her unparalleled expertise in sales tactics, KJB ensures that every participant leaves the mastermind equipped with the skills and confidence needed to conquer the sales arena.

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